The brand O bag stems from the incredible success of the iconic and customizable bag in “EVA” rubber. Today, it is leader in the customizable accessory market, offering a wide range of products made of innovative materials, such as combinable bags, watches, sunglasses and bracelets. O bag is a design-oriented brand aiming at an easy way of enjoying fashion. It is chosen by a cross generation public, since people can find in it a way of expressing themselves by freely creating their most loved accessories.

All O bag products are meant to be literally created by the customer,to always enjoy differently shaped accessories by mixing interchangeable and matchable elements,


O bag combines its functional design to a contemporary aesthetics, promoting innovative materials and essential shapes, enhanced all by powerful colors. The unexpected mix of extra-light materials, of industrial manufacturing origin like EVA rubber and the silicone, is quite an original approach to design.

Our innovative and typically “Made in Italy” designed products, are a brainchild of the close collaboration between the creative team of Padua and the architecture and design studio “laboratorio.quattro”. The widest part of O bag production is entrusted to suppliers and collaborators based on our country, in order to guarantee those quality standards which are a trademark of the made in Italy.

O bag means innovation, versatility, colors, unexpected, essential.

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