My Brand is a high-end fashion brand born and raised in Amsterdam established in 2009.

It is a global luxury fashion brand for men, woman and childeren with daring and playfull print.

The vision of the brand comes through in the wide range of products from sweaters to shoes, childerenswear and beachwear.

My Brand focuses on a careful research regarding materials and techniques to bring its vision into the future and create a world made of iconic references.

My Brand understand that choice, style and comfort is the most important thing to make the perfect collection. This is also reflected in our garments. My Brand has a wide range of sizes, so everyone fits the clothes. The sizes starts from S to 6 XL.

Since 2014 My Brand opened brandstores in Amsterdam, The Hague, Den Bosch (The Netherlands), Puerto Banu (Spain)s, Tanger (Marocco) and a store in one of the most luxurious hotels of Turkey.

Bataviaplein 97 8242 PP Lelystad Tel: 0320 - 85 43 42