Hunkemöller was founded in 1886, in Amsterdam, by Wilhelm Hunkemöller and his wife Josephina Lexis.

Hunkemöller is an originally Dutch company and the largest high-street lingerie brand of the Benelux. With some 2,700 employees and more than 600 stores in 16 countries, Hunkemöller is rapidly expanding throughout Europe. You can currently find our stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Spain, Aruba, Curaçao, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Morocco and Bahrein.

Our in-house design team is constantly focused on product innovation and new developments. They make sure you can’t miss the latest trends in lingerie, and that quality and fit are always secure. Hunkemöller has developed a multi-channel strategy for expanding its operations through new stores, shop-in-shops, e-commerce and international franchising. In September 2014 Hunkemöller was chosen again as best lingerie retailer in the Netherlands, and in November 2013 in Belgium, Germany and Austria. In Germany Hunkemöller also won the prestigious Retailer of the Year award (Händler des Jahres 2013). A strong brand, full of new ideas. Hunkemöller is a part of PAI Partners, a European investment company.

Corporate social responsibility

We work with suppliers all over the world to develop the best possible products. Being the best means offering high quality and excellent service at good prices. It also means that suppliers must treat their employees according to the same values that we use ourselves. In 2004, we introduced a code of conduct based on International Labour Organisation guidelines. Aspects include forbidding child labour and discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnic background, religious beliefs or sexual preferences. The guidelines also provide for job security, adequate wages that conform with the legal minimum in the country as well as healthy and safe working conditions.

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