Ballin Amsterdam is an Amsterdam based fashion label founded in 2015 by Auke Aslan de Geus.

Back then 17 years and constantly busy with fashion and its latest trends. During his studies he started a fashion lifestyle instagram account, called 'BALLIN'.

The adjective ‘BALLIN’ is coming from the American slang, meaning: 

‘Living a wealthy lifestyle and flaunting it”

His instagram account grew so rapidly that brands approached him to engage partnerships. This made Auke realize, why don’t I do it myself? With a small starting capital he developed two tees and a cap.

After school he and his friends created content for the instagram account in Amsterdam.

The BALLIN range gained popularity and sold out quickly, so Auke developed a bigger collection with besides tees and caps also other products such as sweaters, hoodies and beanies.

Due to the rapid growth of BALLIN Amsterdam, Auke needed a professional partner with expertise. One of his retailers put him in touch with Purewhite, an Amsterdam fashion label founded in 2009.

Auke skipped class for a successful meeting. BALLIN and Purewhite decided to develop a collection together under the Purewhite brand. Purewhite is responsible for the production/sales and Auke for marketing.

This success formula made BALLIN Amsterdam grow into a well-known Dutch fashion label and also gained international fame.

Bataviaplein 353, 8242 PV, Lelystad