He is looking for the ultimate adventure and every intersection and crossroad that he comes across highlights the awareness of the freedom of choice.

He is on a voyage of discovery on an original classic naked bike through limitless, untouched landscapes and various towns in the U.S. After travelling endless roads he finally sees the big city with shimmering lights appear at the horizon.

It is vital to be aware of the fuel level and listen very carefully to the signals the bike gives you while riding. It is a constant matter of genuine bonding between man and machine. Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway.

As the journey continues, he has profound thoughts on his interest in mankind’s commitment to society. This nomadic lifestyle of riding the bike and letting the cool breeze go by, puts all kind of worries aside. It makes you realize what really matters and lets you live life without restrictions.

You depend on the comfort and protection of your clothing during these long rides on the highway. Vanguard’s explicitly masculine casual flair combined with its exacting demand for quality is what determines the look and feel of the genuine gear.

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