Van Lier has a passion for making shoes that fit successful individuals. Shoes that are made for women who love shoes and enjoy to wear them. Van Lier is known for its rich details, high quality and personalized twist. Van Lier knows how to find the right materials, combine and ultimately produce. The result is a collection that fits the character of the real man. The man who is not afraid to give his opinion and expression. Van Lier shoes are designed based on the tested classics own lasts and vintage models, enriched with the knowledge and inspiration from around the world. A piece of Hollands Glorie at the global level, this applies to both the shoe and the wearer. Business Footwear for as it should, with a chic twist and casual classics for as it can. The Van Lier wearer is able to complement its style and to adapt to the occasion. No longer a power suit is the most important, or the coolness of your entertainment outfit. It’s about combinations that are as unexpected as powerful. A sneaker under a su misura suit, or just those twisted formal shoe with jeans. Stylish taken that first, but far removed from the shrines. Making home that makes style.

That statement Van Lier also carries out the outlet store. Because Van Lier believes in the power of the individual, not mass. From the moment you passed the shop anticipates no longer wear your shoes, but Van Lier.

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