In 1954 Tefal invented the non-stick cookware, and then developed a complete range of non-stick cookware products. Due to that cooking everyday was a lot easier. Over the years  Tefal became the world’s leading manufacturer of non-stick cookware and world leader of non-stick cookware, irons, steam generators, kettles, deep fryers, informal meal appliances, etc. The purpose of Tefal is to offer ingenious products daily activities, such as, for example, cooking and ironing, facilitate. Tefal is trying to take the needs of the consumers and comes up with innovative solutions. The product design characterizes the identity of the Tefal brand. They are up-to-date, fit to your life and household, are attractive to adapt in your house and are also easy to use. In 2017 we celebrate the existing of Tefal in NL for 50 years!

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