The briefs, the panties, the underpants, the directoire – in short, the little thing which every woman needs and which has only been generally spoken of for the last 100 years. Since then it has become an item that is taken for granted: the step from ‘bare bottom’ to panties and then the comfortable sloggi feeling has for years been a familiar phenomenon.

The first preparations for the development of this item however date from the 16th century. For example, in Italy there were long underpants made of silk, linen or velvet as early as 1510. At that time however, no decent woman would wear panties. Only at around the middle of the 19th century did a sudden development in panties come about. This is when the hoop-skirt became fashion and caused a few problems. Whenever a lady would sit down, the frame of the loop would lift and offer bystanders a clear glance under the dress. When a lady bent over, the loop would lift up to her hips and you would be able to see her backside. There simply had to be a solution! The result: long, loose tubes made from cotton. They consisted of two parts, were open between the legs and were only tied together at the back. The way to the anatomically perfect-fitting panty was a long ways away! In 1928, smaller panties were developed for children, much like the ones we have today. But it would take until 1949 before the first panties were made visible in public.

At the beginning of the 80s, a successful company in the lingerie business launched a revolutionary new panty generation with the slogan “the cotton/lycra-revolution” called sloggi. Since their introduction they have sold over 1 billion sloggies in over 30 countries, which confirms that more and more happy customers associate the brand with the highest quality and comfortable panties. With this the curse was finally lifted and the panty was no longer taboo.

At the moment the question is no longer ‘yes or no?’ but ‘which’. And then you would obviously choose a sloggi with superior properties for him and her. Sloggi panties are soft, supple, and elastic thanks to the revolutionary material. The secret is – technically – the name core-spun. This means that fine super combed cotton is spun around a lycra thread. The resulting material is therefore super-elastic. These panties never lose their shape, do not slacken and even with frequent washing they stay perfect. Also, sloggi is skin friendly because the skin only comes into contact with cotton. Even men got used to this. Since 1986 they can also appreciate the amazing product quality of sloggi men.

Sloggi are now the best-selling panties in the world.

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