Red Rag Boys & Girls

Red-Rag is an eye-catching shoe brand: slightly unruly and sails its own course. The world of Red-Rag is a creative and inspiring breeding ground; a ‘free state’ in which everything is different. This leads to a challenging and confrontational attitude. Red-Rag views the world through impudent glasses while throwing in a hefty helping of humour to bring it all to life.Strong-willed, colourful people and genuine bon vivants with a focused and captivating approach. Strong characters that refuse to follow trends. They are crazy about unexpected, unaffected beauty and refreshing designs. When it comes to shoes, they opt for authentic, fashionable designs that have been created with love.

Bataviaplein 78 8242 PN Lelystad Tel: 0320 - 84 64 28