Expresso Fashion is a Dutch fashion brand with a definitely unique style and an expressly feminine signature. Not surprising, though, since both our founder and more than 70% of our team are women. Who could know better when it comes to making both women and what they wear look better?

We design our collections to help you make the most of your positive features while using subtle ways to disguise what you’d rather not have on public display. Our collections provide an outstanding fit and are available in sizes 34 – 46. Elegance, comfort, originality and individuality are our top priorities.

We think it’s important for you to feel good in our clothing: looking beautiful on the outside and feeling good inside. This explains our commitment to people and the environment. Since 2004, for example, we have been affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation that oversees working conditions in garment factories. Whenever possible, we use organic cotton and eco-friendly textiles like Tencel. We also contribute regularly to good causes and socially responsible initiatives.

Bataviaplein 262 8242 PN Lelystad Tel: 0320 - 78 30 02