Dutch Originals

The pride of their country is something that makes the Dutch unique. It is that pride that connects Dutch Originals with the Batavia. It was Douwe Egberts who travelled all the way to the highest mountains in mid and southern Latin-America to find the best coffee beans.

Once there were two Dutch sailors, the bravest of them all, who joined the crew of the well-known and notorious Batavia ship. On that journey, they discovered some of the best coffee beans, of which Dutch Originals makes the best coffee for their guests.

Pride in our Dutch roots is exactly what we at Dutch Originals want to portray our guests. At Dutch Originals, we seek to create a complete experience with the use of pure and flavorful ingredients from well-known Dutch suppliers. We want to create a place that inspires, a place where you can relax, and enjoy famous Dutch dishes like the perfect croquette, hearty pea soup or "poffertjes" (small, fluffy pancakes) for the little ones. Naturally all accompanied by a good cup of coffee, or one of our delicious coffee specials, to get you ready to indulge in the world of fashion!  

In need of a break? Please join us on one of the best terraces in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet and enjoy the sun with an ice-cold Dutch beer or a nice glass of wine. Like the Dutch, you can choose to order this with a platter of Dutch sausages and cheese, or the famous Dutch “bitterballen” with mustard!

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