Chocolate Company café

Our adventure started about 10 years ago in the small kitchen of our first shop in Aken Germany with our “Charlie Chocolate Chef” Toussaint!
There is where we started the process of making real original hot chocolate. Tasting the flavour, cleaning and filling up the big pot with chocolate.

Tous thought to himself, “There must be a way to make single serving portions…”

And that’s when it happened! The Hotchocspoon,a delicious piece of chocolate on a spoon you can stir through hot milk. From then on a variety of excuisite flavours from Speculoos to Cookie-Coconut, came to be.

Now available in over 50 amazing flavours! The Hotchocspoon is and will always be our pride and joy but we started making more and more chocolate. This is why in 2009 in Kerkrade, Netherlands we opened up our very own chocolate factory!

We still produce all our chocolate there on a daily basis. Lots of hands putting the spoons in the chocolate, decorate the bars and sprinkle the chocolates.
Craftmanship, experience and a lot of energy are al packed together in the workshop. From there on the chocolate is delivered to our cafes in The Netherlands and Germany, or from our webshop direct to your own door!

All of these delicious chocolates are now also available at our newest Chocolate Company Cafe: Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet! Curious for the Chocolate Company menu? You can find it here.

Bataviaplein 87 8242 PP Lelystad Tel: 0320 - 85 19 02