40 year Brunotti
Brunotti was founded in 1979 by the Italian pro windsurfer Claudio Brunotti. It has developed from a custom wind surfboard company into a boardsports orientated apparel, hardware and accessory company.

Did you know?
Top athletes

We have more than 10 riders who are in the top of the sport division. Most of them became world champion in their discipline at least twice in their carrier.

Olympic gold
The Brunotti harness Dorian van Rijsselberghe (NL) was wearing during his Olympic tournament was developed especially for him. This became the harness he won the Olympics with in 2016.

Scheveningen roots
Brunotti started in Scheveningen (NL). This is where Jinne Sietsma started working with Claudio Brunotti as a board shaper when he was 17 years old. Nowadays Jinne is still part of the Brunotti team.

Social responsibility
Worldwide 60% of all package material is made of plastic. If we all pay more attention to our use of plastic, we can reduce this amount. At Brunotti we take our responsibility by using biodegradable carrier bags which are less harming to the environment. Besides that, we re-use the packing boxes with minimum damaging to decrease the amount of waste paper.

Please also take your responsibility. Be aware of what you order and return. Returned articles need to be repacked which costs extra plastic and shipping. If you doubt about a size you want to order, please check our size chart on brunotti.com/service or contact our customer service via info@brunottishop.com.

  • We only use 100% biodegradable carrier bags
  • We only use paper from responsible sources
  • Bring a halt to the increasing plastic pollution of marine environments

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