Every item of clothing impresses with its attention to detail and perfect fit. The looks are authentic, stylish and highlight a woman’s natural beauty. A high level of colour precision and outfits which complement each other perfectly offer plenty of opportunities for individual combinations.

BONITA men emphasises the personality of a man with its diverse range of outfits. With optimal fits, a wide variety of themes and high-quality fabrics, BONITA men focuses on casual fashion for men.

The latest fashion trends are drawn upon and combined with maximum comfort. From sporty to fashionable, BONITA men offers elegance and casualness for the stylish man of today. The current collections can be combined in many different ways, emphasising a natural lifestyle as the seasonal changes in colour scheme make it possible to create fashionable new outfits again and again. Regular quality controls ensure that all BONITA men collections are consis-
tently produced to the highest quality. The collections appear 12 times a year and are sold exclusively via the retail segment. Customers in BONITA men stores receive expert and personal advice in line with the corporate philosophy.

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