WENDY's DISQ Club Event

Do you want to know how to train like Wendy van Dijk? Come to the Fashion Club VIP Event in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet from Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th of May. 

During the VIP Event, there will be various WENDY'S DISQ Club activities happening in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Come and shop at WENDY'S DISQ Club Pop-Up Store in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, where you can score some great things! 

On Sunday the 26th of May, during the WENDY'S DISQ CLUB Event, you can join a WENDY'S DISQ Club workout which will be given by Wendy herself and a personal trainer. The workouts will be held at 11:30 and 13:30. Don't want to miss out on this great opportunity? Make sure you sign up for the workout! 

The WENDY'S DISQ Club Pop-Up Store will be open from Friday until Sunday! In WENDY'S DISQ Club Pop-Up Store you'll also find a relaxation area for when you need a relaxing break from all that shopping, and there will be personal trainers who will be giving WENDY'S DISQ Club demos all day. 




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