New Arrivals bei Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers welcomes the New Arrivals for Spring / Summer 2019. They have several luxurious collection you can choose from, for example the Dame de Paris and the Space Odyssey. 

Marlies Dekkers says the following about her collections:

Dame de Paris
'This season, steal the show with my Dame de Paris collection in luxurious Tiffany blue. The stunning play of lines adorning the top of the cups refers to the glorious Notre-Dame Cathedral and frames your curves perfectly. I placed an adorable golden pineapple -Frida’s beloved fruit- at the center of your décolleté like a tantalizing talisman and enriched the bindings with golden linings. Dare to dazzle!'

Space Odyssey
My Space Odyssey collection is designed for ladies aiming for the stars. I was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Kubrick pays tribute to the big questions in life: why are we here and what is our destiny? This courageous voyage transcending time and space, reminded me of the heroic journeys of women on a mission. It’s what I wish for you: boldly go where no one has gone before to understand and fulfill your destiny.

I took the shape of Kubrick’s twirling spaceship and translated it into lovely little round-shaped details. Wear my Space Odyssey to radiate star quality.

Are you curious for more about Marlies Dekkers or the latest offers? Then take a look at the Marlies Dekkers brand page.